Fabiana Valente, colaboradora da Microsoft e do Instituto Crescer, foi uma das premiadas no Community Affairs LATAM – LCA Summit 2011, que destaca trabalhos educacionais em comunidades.

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Veja os premiados entre 7 indicados e outros destaques conforme comunicado da Microsoft.

Fabiana Valente: Excellence in Executive Engagement

Gonzalo Bazgan: Excellence in Grants Management – NGO IT

Marian Olvera: Excellence in Grants Management – Workforce Development

Os indicados para outras categorias foram:

Award Category Nominees Details
Outstanding Partnership Management Elsa Botero
Elsa Botero has led and is successfully implementing the agreement with the Ministry of Culture of Colombia through which +1,000 public libraries are receiving software donations to foster public access to ICTs and digital literacy in their communities. By designing a process together with the Ministry staff to process these software donations and creating a kit of instructions and materials to facilitate the license installation process and use of MS curricula in each library, Elsa is helping to streamline the process and build a positive relationship with its partner.
Most Effective Cross-Group Collaboration Susan Duran
Costa Rica
Building on a long-term relationship with the Red Cross in Costa Rica, Susan Durán led a new project to implement Unified Communications and interconnect their branches across the country, allowing for a quicker response to emergency calls. Articulating a software donation, technical support from the Regional Voice Partner team in Microsoft and implementation services by a business partner in Costa Rica, Susan has both strengthened the relationship with the Red Cross and enabled opportunities for the business.
Best Execution on Outreach and AIR Leticia Torres
With her usual innovative approach, Leticia Torres has developed new ways to execute on Outreach and AIR in-depth and breadth. Leticia launched the new fiscal year organizing a “Socials Partners Meeting” with GECO funds, replicating the Business Partner Summit but for Citizenship partners. The purpose was to gather these strategic partners to provide them with ONE big picture of MS Citizenship, recognize their FY10 achievements and nurture relationships. Later on, leveraging CTZ funds in the Sub, a massive campaign was launched to showcase the POETA program and Microsoft’s commitment to the local communities through a 60 second video for cinema displayed in 64 movie theaters around the country for three months.
Outstanding Contribution to Employee Engagement Program Maria Jose Correa
María José Correa did an outstanding job connecting the local employee volunteering program to Hogar de Cristo, the largest NGO in Chile. Beyond social outreach activities and ICT skills training, María José engaged Microsoft employees to support this organization in the implementation of a Strategic Software Donation. Providing services to more than 30,000 people through 700 homes distributed in every region of Chile every day, Hogar de Cristo had a pressing need for social management and ERP systems. Microsoft Volunteers from the services team (CRM and UC, among others) met weekly with Hogar de Cristo during 5 months to help implement the solution jointly with a business partner. Apart from having an amazing social impact, this initiative has become a success case with great and ongoing AIR results.More supporting information:Quote: “After two years of the beginning of the relationship with Microsoft, today we can actually say that our level of realization of the technological platform, to satisfy our needs, went from a 25% to a 90%” – Marcelo Bahamonde, Director of IT Systems and Processes, Hogar de Cristo)